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Is Your Website Working for You – Part 1

Website Basics

Most dental practices have a website, but few determine whether their site is achieving marketing goals.   Many practices are unaware of how to measure their site’s performance.  An array of tools exists offering an overwhelming amount of data.  But, most practices do not know which data points to use as performance indicators for their site.

Any practice engaging in online marketing should be examining their website KPI’s.  At Infinity Business Development Group, we meet with clients on a monthly basis to review website KPI’s and ensure we are meeting our clients’ goals.

We recommend that all practices review key metrics, analyze data, and discuss possible enhancements to improve performance, on either a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the amount of online marketing in which the practice is engaging.  A website is a dynamic property that should be constantly evolving to meet practice goals and market demands.

A website that is left static is likely not functioning optimally for the practice.

To begin, a practice should think about the goals of their website, and how it compliments other marketing endeavors.  While goals may vary from practice to practice, in general, an effective website should:

  • Draw perspective patients that fit your targeting criteria to your site (brand awareness)
  • Drive interest and desire for your services for prospective and existing patients
  • Convert prospective patients into actual patients
  • Engage and maintain your existing patients
  • Deliver a digital experience that strives to be as close to the practice’s in-office experience as possible across mobile, tablet and desktop devices


Measuring Performance

With these broad goals in mind, we advise dividing your metrics into four core areas:

  • Acquisition – How are users finding your site?
  • Audience – Who are the users of your site? How many are there? What are their other interests?
  • Site Behavior – Are you users engaging in content or pages that are relevant to your goals?
  • Conversion – Are you users clicking or calling to arrange appointments and interacting with your site in ways that accomplish your goals

In the next few blogs we will dive more into each of the measurements and provide you with some tools that will enable you to begin to discover whether your website is benefitting your practice.

We’d love to help you understand how you’re website can better work for your practice

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