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Understanding Challenges in the Healthcare Market

We have been planted in the healthcare delivery market since day one of our operations.  We partner with healthcare providers, helping them identify core business processes and marketing strategies required to succeed in today’s dynamic market.  Factors such as patient demands, increasing costs of technologies essential for practice operations, increasing cost of education, and the growing influence of management and service organizations are changing the landscape of the market. Our unique approach of providing business development and marketing services together enables our partners to surpass their growth goals.

Our Approach to Solving Your Practice Complex Challenges

While many firms offer cookie cutter solutions and strategies, our approach is customized to meet your practice’s goals.  We listen carefully and take stock of your current progress, before we offer our development plans.

Our customized approach employs design thinking process in which we:

  • Define your practice’s core challenges and overall goals
  • Perform research to identify market challenges, needs and expectations
  • Partner with practice personnel to remove barriers and brainstorm creative solutions to achieve our defined goals
  • Design an iteration of an agreed upon strategy from which we can measure results
  • Refine our first iteration into a full scale solution
  • Full solution implementation

We work quickly and productively, and together, along with your practice’s personnel, surpass your goals and expectations.

Which Practices Have the Most Success Working with Us

We recognize that there are many practice growth experts. It is unlikely that all experts will be a good match for your practice and overall goals. Practices that have had the most success in partnering with us have the following characteristics in common:

  • Excited to partner with us to participate in the growth process, rather than be a passive observer
  • Open to change and new ideas
  • Willingness to share vital practice information that is relevant to growth, including financial key performance indicators
  • Understanding that we will be employing a scientific process to test and measure potential growth strategies
  • Already have or willing to allocate a realistic budget for practice development